The Retirement Plan That Works for Your Team While Helping to Save You Time and Money

The Greater Bakersfield Chamber 401(k) Plan, a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP)

A Member Benefit of the Greater Bakersfield Chamber, powered by investment advisory planning services through Moneywise Wealth Management*
Retain Your Team with a Powerful Retirement Plan
Spend Less Time on Administration
Save Money

How Much Does Your Current Retirement Plan Cost You?

  • Management and maintenance fees
  • Compliance and audits
  • Time spent on administrative tasks

The Greater Bakersfield Chamber 401(k) Plan, powered by investment advisory services through Moneywise Wealth Management*, provides you with all the advantages and flexibility of a stand-alone 401(k) plan, but without the expenses and administrative burden associated with sponsoring your own 401(k) retirement plan.

Multiple Employer Plans: the Power of a 401(k) Without the Cost or Headache of an Individual Plan

By partnering with Moneywise Wealth Management* and joining the Greater Bakersfield Chamber 401(k) Plan, you are able to provide your employees with a powerful retirement plan, help save money and spend less time administering it. From a government reporting standpoint, Multiple Employer Plans like the Greater Bakersfield Chamber 401(k) Plan, are treated like a single large plan.

The end result for you is a plan with competitive investments, outstanding service, and someone else doing a majority of the plan maintenance.

6 Reasons You Should Join the Greater Bakersfield Chamber 401(k) Plan

No Annual Audit
Cost Savings on the Investments
Minimal Plan Maintenance
No Individual Form 5500 Reporting
Flexible Features, Including Matching Contributions, Safe Harbor, Roth and Profit-sharing
Customizable 401(K) Plan Design Options

Leverage the Experience of Moneywise Wealth Management*, Local Leaders in Retirement Planning Services

When you join the Greater Bakersfield Chamber 401(k) Plan, you’ll not only benefit from the reduced cost and compliance burdens of administering a 401(k). You’ll also leverage the expertise and capabilities of Moneywise Wealth Management*, the local leaders in retirement plans. You’ll have a team of independent fee-based fiduciary advisors responsible for the plan’s due diligence: investment monitoring and due diligence, investment choice additions and deletions, and retirement plan review. This is done in tandem with Transamerica and Hicks Pension Services.

As an adopting employer, your primary responsibilities will be establishing deductions with your payroll provider (unless using an approved payroll provider) and collecting year-end census information.

Join the Greater Bakersfield Chamber 401(k) Plan Today

  1. Schedule a Plan Design Evaluation

    Talk with an advisor from Moneywise Wealth Management to learn more about the Greater Bakersfield Chamber 401(k) Plan. We’ll work with you on a no-cost Plan Design Evaluation, to see if joining a Multiple Employer Plan is a good fit for your business.

  2. Join the Plan

    We’ve made joining the plan as simple as possible. We’ll work with you to complete the required paperwork and set up or transfer your existing plan to the Greater Bakersfield Chamber 401(k) Plan.

  3. Focus on Your Business

    As a participant in a Multiple Employer Plan, you’ll spend less time and money administering your company’s retirement plan, giving you the freedom to focus on growing your business and retaining your employees.